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Help in a crisis
Luke Peek

Luke Peek – Staff Nurse

Among the many things that have impressed Luke Peek since he joined the Trust last year has been the amount of support trainee nurses get.

Luke, 22, a Staff Nurse on Thurne Ward, an acute assessment ward at Hellesdon Hospital, near Norwich, joined the Trust in September after completing a three-year degree in Mental Health Nursing at the University of East Anglia.

Since, then he has gone from strength to strength, enjoying the role and all the opportunities he has been given to develop his skills and understanding.

“I enjoy working with a range of services users and, on Thurne Ward, this generally consists of patients aged 18-65. 

“As I’m on an assessment ward, we often see people who are presenting with their first hospital admission. This can be really daunting for them and they often don’t know what to expect. It is nice to be able to spend 1:1 time with them to make sure that they feel comfortable on the ward and with the ward routine.

“Sometimes people feel that there is no hope in moving forward, but I have witnessed people regain this hope and move towards recovery.”

Luke is also the Safewards Staff Champion for Thurne, which incorporates a range of interventions with the view to reduce levels of containment, violence and aggression on the ward and make it a more therapeutic environment.

He has been interested in healthcare for as long as he remembers and used to watch the programmes on television about hospitals and A&E when he was younger.

But it was a stint of work experience at a nursing home while he was doing his A Levels that sparked his interest in going down the mental health route.

On joining NSFT last year, he was put under a ‘Preceptorship’, which supports newly-qualified nurses as they transition from students to working on wards, and provides a mentor to help them build their confidence in the role.

In addition to this, they take part in a Newly-Qualified Academy every month where they can reflect on scenarios they have come across at work and share experiences with others who are new to the role.

He has also been supported in joining the Leadership Academy, learning about different styles of leadership, ward management, etc.

“The opportunities here to learn and develop and the support you get at every stage is brilliant,” added Luke.