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Welcome to Research Studies with​ Young People

This page provides a list of all studies which are currently open to new participants. 

All research listed here has received full Ethical Review and Approval by the national Health Research Authority (HRA). Each study provides a link to the HRA National Study Record confirming its approval status. 


Key to Use

The Blue box gives the short name of the study, so it is easy to remember. 

The Orange box states whether the study is national (funded research), local (small-scale and internal to the Trust) or Educational (such as Student, PhD or MSc research).

The Green box states what kind of study the project is. It may be a Drug Trial, A Therapy study, A Trial which involves testing an educational or support package, or an Observational study where people are given questionnaires or are interviewed with no change to clinical care.

The Purple box states whether the study is Open to anyone to meets the criteria listed and who wishes to take part, or Restricted to certain groups of people (such as those in specific care services or certain schools or colleges). 




Purpose/Long-title of study: Cognitive Therapy for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in youth exposed to multiple traumatic stressors: a phase II randomised controlled trial


Who can be involved?

•Have been involved in multiple traumatic events

•Aged 8-17 years

•meet criteria for PTSD, where another psychiatric disorder does not warrant more urgent treatment

Lead Researcher and Organisation: Richard Meiser-Stedman, University of East Anglia

Contact if you are interested in learning more: researchinfo@nsft.nhs.uk (Norfolk and Suffolk only)
http://www.uea.ac.uk/decrypt/about  (National Details)

National Study Record


ASPECT Header.png 

Purpose of study: Alleviating Specific Phobias Experienced by Children Trial


Who can be involved?

• Age between 7-16

• Experiencing at least 1 specific phobia for more than 6 months.


Lead Researcher and Organisation: Professor Barry Wright, Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust


Contact if you are interested in learning more: ASPECTresearch@nsft.nhs.uk (Norfolk and Suffolk only)
https://www.sheffield.ac.uk/scharr/sections/dts/ctru/aspect (National Details)

National Study Record


EYE-2 Header.png 

Purpose of study: The Early Youth Engagement in first episode psychosis (EYE-2) study: pragmatic cluster randomised controlled trial of implementation, effectiveness & cost effectiveness of a team-based motivational engagement intervention to improve engagement


Who can be involved?

• Aged 8-17 years

• Referred to the Early Intervention Team in Norfolk

• Meet criteria for a first episode of psychosis


Lead Researcher and Organisation: Dr Kathryn Greenwood, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Further Details: National Study Record


BEST Header.png 

Purpose of study: BEST for adolescent BPD (Brief Education Supported Treatment for adolescent Borderline Personality Disorder): a feasibility study of delivery of specialised early intervention for borderline personality disorder through collaboration with education providers, incorporating a feasibility randomised controlled trial'


Who can be involved?

•Age between 13-18

•Enrolled in a  participating school/college in Norfolk/Suffolk

•Score more than 34 on the Borderline Personality Features Scale for children

•Intentional self-harm in the past month

Lead Researcher and Organisation: Dr Jon Wilson, Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust


Contact if you are interested in learning more: best@nsft.nhs.uk (Norfolk and Suffolk only)


Further Details: National Study Record