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This page provides a list of all studies which are currently looking for new people to take part. 

All research listed here has received approval by the national Health Research Authority (HRA)

In the study list below: 

The Blue box gives the short name of the study, so it is easy to remember. 

The Orange box states whether the study is national funded research, local and internal to the Trust or Educational, which is led by Students.

The Green box states what kind of study the project is:

It may be a Drug Trial where you may receive medication.

 A Therapy study where you may receive a new type of talking therapy

 A Trial which involves testing an educational or support package.

An Observational study where you will be asked questions, but there will be no change to your usual care. 

The Purple box states whether the study is Open to anyone to meets the criteria listed and who wishes to take part, or Restricted to certain groups of people (such as people in certain services, schools or colleges). 

If you want to know more about what to expect when taking part in research, we have an Easy-Read Booklet here​. 


Purpose/Long-title of study: 

Autism Conditions in Adulthood - Learning about the lives of adults on the autism spectrum and their relatives

Who can be involved?

16+, any ability, diagnosis not essential
Relatives and carers of adults on the autism spectrum
Adults on the autism spectrum

Lead Researcher and Organisation: Dr Jeremy Parr, Newcastle University

Contact if you are interested in learning more: 

researchinfo@nsft.nhs.uk (Norfolk and Suffolk only)

https://research.ncl.ac.uk/adultautismspectrum/ (National Details)

Further Details: National Study Record