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Help in a crisis
Men's Wellbeing Project


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Men of all ages are less likely than women to seek help for all types of problems, including depression, substance misuse, and stressful life events.
The Men’s Wellbeing Project aims to improve access to services for men and boys of all ages in Norfolk and Waveney.

The aims of the project are to:
• Champion the importance of men’s mental health
• Help to reduce suicide among men and boys
• Help people to better understand issues that affect men and boys’ mental health and wellbeing
• Work with health, social care and education professionals to ensure we offer the right support for men and boys
• Encourage men and boys to seek support for mental health and wellbeing issues

• Being a man doesn’t mean suffering in silence
• Asking for help doesn’t make you less of a man
• Be open and be the best you can be
• Asking for help makes you a stronger man

How to get help:
If you feel you need some help, make an appointment at you local GP practice. You can also contact Wellbeing Norfolk and Waveney who provide a range of support for people with common mental health and emotional issues, such as low mood, depression and stress.
If you are aged 16 and over you can access their support through your GP or any other health or social care professional, or you can self-refer on the Wellbeing Norfolk and Waveney website or by calling 0300 123 1503.

For more information about the Men’s Wellbeing Project, email: