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Help in a crisis
Freedom of Information Register 2016

​Reference​PDF File​Request Date​Description
101 2016.pdf​5th January 2016​Chaplaincy
202 2016.pdf​7th January 2016​Memory Clinic
303 2016.pdf​7th January 2016​Out of Area
404 2016.pdf​7th January 2016​Costs relating to media and court cases
505 2016.pdf​11th January 2016​Temporary Staff
606 2016.pdf​8th January 2016​Use of Cows Milk
707 2016.pdf​12th January 2016​Homicides
8​12th January 2016​Governor Elections
909 2016.pdf​12th January 2016​Early Intervention in Psychosis
​1010 2016.pdf​13th January 2016​Pharmacy Staff
10A10A 2016.pdf​13th January 2016​Immigration Act 2014
1111 2016.pdf​11th January 2016​Out of Area
1212 2016.pdf​15th January 2016​Adult and CAMHS Services
1313 2016.pdf​16th January 2016​Patient Deaths
1414 2016.pdf​18th January 2016​Mental Health Beds
​15Closed not FOI​​18th January 2016​General Queries
1616 2016.pdf​20th January 2016​Serious Incidents
1717 2016.pdf​21st January 2016​Mentalisation Based Therapy Services
1818 2016.pdf​21st January 2016​Chatterton House - Heating
1919 2016.pdf​1st February 2016​Tier 2 Nursing
2020 2016.pdf​26th January 2016​Information Governance
2121 2016.pdf​26th January 2016​CAMHS
2222 2016.pdf​26th January 2016​CAMHS
2323 2016.pdf​27th January 2016​CAMHS
24 ​closed not an FOI​28th January 2016​Dementia Study
2525 2016.pdf​28th January 2016​ICT Software
2626 2016.pdf​28th January 2016​Eating Disorders
2727 2016.pdf​3rd February 2016​Corporate Information and Organisation Charts
2828 2016.pdf​3rd February 2016​Training re: Human Trafficking
2929 2016.pdf​3rd February 2016​Chatterton House - Heating
3030 2016.pdf​7th February 2016​Staff Numbers and Salaries
3131 2016.pdf​8th February 2016​A & E
3232 2016.pdf​9th February 2016​Physical Restraint
3333 2016.pdf​10th February 2016​ICT Systems
3434 2016.pdf​10th February 2016​Agency Staff
3535 2016.pdf​25th January 2016​Minutes of NSMHC Meeting
3636 2016.pdf​16th February 2016​ICT Systems
​37​No clarification rec'd​16th February 2016​Social Worker Employment
3838 2016.pdf​17th February 2016​Media Licensing
3939 2016.pdf​17th February 2016​PSTD Provision
4040 2016.pdf​21st February 2016​Inpatient Beds
4141 2016.pdf​19th February 2016​Eating Disorder Funding
4242 2016.pdf​22nd February 2016​Agency Staff
4343 2016.pdf​22nd February 2016​Nurse Training
4444 2016.pdf​19th February 2016​Handling of Service User Deaths
4545 2016.pdf​24th February 2016​Refugees and Asylum Expenditures
4646 2016.pdf​26th February 2016​Private Hospital Expenditure
4747 2016.pdf​26th February 2016​Staff Assaults
4848 2016.pdf​26th February 2016​Board of Directors
4949 2016.pdf​29th February 2016​Chatterton House Heating
5050 2016.pdf​29th February 2016​Air fluidised Beds
5151 2016.pdf​29th February 2016​Self Referral to Services
5252 2016.pdf​29th February 2016​Cerebral Palsy Services
​53 Closed not FOI​​29th February 2016​CAMH Services
5454 2016.pdf​1st March 2016​ICT Systems
5555 2016.pdf​1st March 2016​ECT
5656 2016.pdf​1st March 2016​Crisis Telephone Services
5757 2016.pdf​2nd March 2016​Maternity Services
5858 2016.pdf​3rd March 2016​Agency Staff
​59 ​No clarification rec'd​3rd March 2016​DPA Offences
6060 2016.pdf​8th March 2016​CAMH Services
6161 2016.pdf​8th March 2016​MADE costs
6262 2016.pdf​9th March 2016​Organisation Charts
6363 2016.pdf​10th March 2016​SI's, suicides and death
​64 ​No clarification rec'd​24th February 2016​CAMH Services
6565 2016.pdf​14th March 2016​Secure Services
6666 2016.pdf​14th March 2016​Fleet Cars
6767 2016.pdf​14th March 2016​Prevent/Channel Programme
6868 2016.pdf​15th March 2016​DPA and Risk Assessments
6969 2016.pdf​15th March 2016​Drug Testing
7070 2016.pdf​17th March 2016​Wi-Fi Contracts
7171 2016.pdf​24th March 2016​Out of Area
7272 2016.pdf​19th March 2016​Compensation Claims
7373 2016.pdf​19th March 2016​Learning Disabilities
7474 2016.pdf​21st March 2016​CAMH Service
7575 2016.pdf​21st March 2016​ERP Software
7676 2016.pdf​22nd March 2016​Junior Doctors
7777 2016.pdf​22nd March 2016​Acute Hospital Questions
7878 2016.pdf​23rd March 2016​CQC Mock Inspection
7979 2016.pdf​23rd March 2016​Physical Restraint
8080 2016.pdf​30th March 2016​Admission, referral info
8181 2016.pdf​22nd March 2016​Data Check
8282 2016.pdf​24th March 2016​ICT Systems
8383 2016.pdf​24th March 2016​Neo-Natal
8484 2016.pdf​24th March 2016​Non-Smoking
85​Request withdrawn​24th March 2016​Contracts Register
8686 2016.pdf​29th March 2016​Occupational Therapists
8787 2016.pdf​30th March 2016​Attendance at clinics
8888 2016.pdf​31st March 2016​Prevent Duty
8989 2016.pdf​31st March 2016​Workforce Info
9090 2016.pdf​31st March 2016​CAMH GP Referrals
9191 2016.pdf​31st March 2016​Junior Doctors
9292 2016.pdf​1st April 2016​Gender considerations
9393 2016.pdf​1st April 2016​Junior Doctors
9494 2016.pdf​3rd April 2016​Inpatient Numbers
9595 2016.pdf​4th April 2016​Earned over 80K
9696 2016.pdf​31st March 2016​Drug Testing
9797 2016.pdf​4th April 2016​Employers Liability Insurance
9898 2016.pdf​5th April 2016​Prevent
9999 2016.pdf​6th April 2016​Electronic Records
100100 2016.pdf​7th April 2016​ICT Systems
​101 ​Closed​7th April 2016​Acute Hospital Setting
102102 2016.pdf​22nd April 2016​Percentage of Referrals via IAPT
103103 2016.pdf​8th April 2016​Bed Numbers
104104 2016.pdf​8th April 2016​Electronic Records
105105 2016.pdf​8th April 2016​Numbers of individuals - CBT
106106 2016.pdf​10th April 2016​Pest Control
107107 2016.pdf​12th April 2016​Clinical Coding
108108 2016.pdf​12th April 2016​Eating Disorders
​109 ​Closed​13th April 2016​Medical Equipment
110110 2016.pdf​14th April 2016​Suicides
111111 2016.pdf​14th April 2016​Admission - Autism
112112 2016.pdf​14th April 2016​Nurse Recruitment
113113 2016.pdf​15th April 2016​Waste Bag spend
114104 2016.pdf​18th April 2106​Mills & Reeves
115115 2016.pdf​12th April 2016​Update 319 2015
​116 ​No Clarification rec'd​15th April 2016​IAPTUS
117117 2016.pdf​19th April 2016​Prevent/Channel Programme
118118 2016.pdf​20th April 2016​Wellbeing Service
119119 2016.pdf​20th April 2016​Personal Service Companies
120120 2016.pdf​25th April 2016​Deaths 2005 - 2010
121121 2016.pdf​25th April 2016​Deaths 2010/11 - 2015/16
122122 2016.pdf​25th April 2016​Agency Staff
123123 2016.pdf​25th April 2016​Director Contact Details
124124 2016.pdf​25th April 2016​Communications Team
125125 2016.pdf​25th April 2016​Public Health Funerals
126126 2016.pdf​26th April 2016​Telephone Contracts
​127 ​No clarification rec'd​28th April 2016​Policy Manager
128128 2016.pdf​28th April 2016Mattresses​
129129 2016.pdf​29th April 2016​Early Intervention in Psychosis
130130 2016.pdf​2nd May 2016​Maternity Services
131131 2016.pdf​2nd May 2016​Lease Cars
132132 2016.pdf​3rd May 2016​Emergency Services
133133 2016.pdf​4th May 2016​Patient Safety
​134 ​No Clarification Received ​29th April 2016​Patient A
135135 2016.pdf​5th May 2016​Acute Hospital Questions
136136 2016.pdf​6th May 2016​Acute Hospital Questions
137137 2016.pdf​6th May 2016​CAMHS
138138 2016.pdf​8th May 2016​Locum Appointments
​139 ​No Clarification Received ​9th May 2016​Severance Payments
140140 2016.pdf​10th May 2016​Admissions, Waiting Times and allocation
141141 2016.pdf​10th May 2016​Staff Numbers
142142 2016.pdf​11th May 2016​Junior Doctors
143143 2016.pdf​12th May 2016​Suspension Payments
144144 2016.pdf​16th May 2016​Staff numbers and security incidents and DPA
145145 2016.pdf​16th May 2016​Shifts outside Monitor guidelines
146146 2016.pdf​17th May 2016​Bed Numbers
​147147 2016.pdf​18th May 2016​Waiting Times
​148 148 2016.pdf​18th May 2016​Waiting Times - CAMHS
149149 2016.pdf​18th May 2016​Homicides
150150 2016.pdf​19th May 2016​Admissions
151151 2016.pdf​19th May 2016​Social Workers employed by NSFT
152152 2016.pdf​19th May 2016Annual Plan and Reports​
153153 2016.pdf​18th May 2016Locum Appointments​
154154 2016.pdf20th May 2016​​Data Warehouse and BI Budgets
155155 2016.pdf20th May 2016​Care and Treatment Reviews​
​156​No Clarification Received​20th May 2016Facilities Management ​
157157 2016.pdf23rd May 2016​​ICT Budgets and Spend
158158 2016.pdf23rd May 2016​CAMHS Services​
159159 2016.pdf24th May 2016​IT Budgets​
160160 2016.pdf24th May 2016​Out of Area Bed Costs​
​161​No clarification recd​24th May 216​General Mental Health Queries
162162 2016.pdf20th May 2016​PICU Service​
163163 2016.pdf26th May 2016​Operational Policy for Self Harm & Suicide​
164164 2016.pdf26th May 2016​ICT Contracts​
165165 2016.pdf27th May 2016​Gifts and Hospitality Register​
166166 2016.pdf28th May 2016​Compromise Agreements​
167167 2016.pdf1st June 2016​Acute Hospital Questions​
168168 2016.pdf1st June 2016​CAMHS Budgets​
169169 2016.pdf2nd June 2016​SUIs last 5 years, Staff on Long Term Sick​
170170 2016.pdf​27th May 2016​Acute Hospital Questions
171171 2016.pdf​6th June 2016​Acute Hospital Questions
172172 2016.pdf​6th June 2016​CAMHS
173173 2016.pdf​6th June 2016​IT Systems
174174 2016.pdf​6th June 2016​Parking Services
175175 2016.pdf​6th June 2016​Acute Hospital Questions
176176 2016.pdf​7th June 2016​Bed Numbers
177177 2016.pdf​7th June 2016​Lease Cars
178178 2016.pdf​7th June 2016​Acute Hospital Questions
179179 2016.pdf​7th June 2016​IT Provision
180180 2016.pdf​8th June 2016​Funerals Conducted & Costs
181181 2016.pdf​8th June 2016​Acute Hospital Questions
182182 2016.pdf​9th June 2016​Acute Hospital Questions
183183 2016.pdf​9th June 2016​Lease Cars
184184 2016.pdf​9th June 2016Waiting Times​
185185 2016.pdf9th June 2016​​Sterilization Equipment
186186 2016.pdf10th June 2016​Mental Health Provision for single/non statutory homeless person​
187187 2016.pdf13th June 2016​Compromise Agreements​
188188 2016.pdf​13th June 2016​Compromise Agreements
189189 2016.pdf​14th June 2016​Noise Complaints
190190 2016.pdf​15th June 2016​Children with Eating Disorders
191191 2016.pdf​15th June 2016​Investigations regarding deaths - sudden and unexpected
192A192A 2016.pdf​16th June 2016​Acute Hospital Questions
192B192B 2016.pdf​17th June 2016​Staff Numbers & ICT Equipment
193193 2016.pdf​20th June 2016​Malnutrition Cases 2011 - present
194194 2016.pdf​8th June 2016Asbestos in Trust Buildings ​
195195 2016.pdf​20th June 2016​Funerals Conducted & Costs
196196 2016.pdf​22nd June 2016​Acute Hospital Questions
197197 2016.pdf​23rd June 2016​Funerals Conducted & Costs
198196 2016.pdf​16th June 2016​ICT Services
199199 2016.pdf​23rd June 2016​ICT Services
200200 2016.pdf​23rd June 2016​Financial Services
​201 ​Request Withdrawn​23rd June 2016​ICT Services
202202 2016.pdf​23rd June 2016​Pharmacy
203203 2016.pdf​24th June 2016​Fax Machines
204204 2016.pdf27th June 2016​Invoices​
205205 2016.pdf​28th June 2016​Contact Details
206206 2016.pdf28th June 2016​Spending Costs Related to Buildings ​
207207 2016.pdf​29th June 2016​Water Hygiene/Legionella Control
208208 2016.pdf​29th June 2016​Acute Hospital Questions
209209 2016.pdf30th June 2016​​Recruitment of medical posts without job descriptions being approved by Royal College of Nursing
210210 2016.pdf​29th June 2016​New Qualified Nurses Rotational Posts
211211 2016.pdf​1st July 2016​Number of serious incidents
212212 2016.pdf​1st July 2016​E Rostering System
213213 2016.pdf​1st July 2016The MO Sheringham Museum ​Extension
214214 2016.pdf​2nd July 2016 ​Acute Hospital Questions
215215 2016.pdf2nd July 2016​​Adults Diagnosed with Autism from 2013-2016
216216 2016.pdf​4th July 2016​ICT Services
217217 2016.pdf4th July 2016​Restraints in the Trust
218218 2016.pdf​5th July 2016​Acute Hospital Questions
219219 2016.pdf​5th July 2016ICT Expenditure ​
220220 2016.pdf​5th July 2016​Organisational Information
221221 2016.pdf​6th July 2016​Legislation and Energy Management
222222 2016.pdf​8th July 2016​Organisation Information
223223 2016.pdf​8th July 2016 ​Register of Pharmaceutical Companies
224224 2016.pdf​9th July 2016​Acute Hospital Questions
225225 2016.pdf​10th July 2016​Agency Locum Doctors Spends
226226 2016.pdf​10th July 2016​Agency Spends for Nurses
227227 2016.pdf​11th July 2016​Suppliers, Staff Head Count, Contracts, Temp Agencies
228228 2016.pdf​12th July 2016​Security Systems, Fire Alarms and CCTV
229229 2016.pdf12th July 2016​​Sexual Offences Committed against Inpatients
230230 2016.pdf​12th July 2016​ICT Systems
231231 2016.pdf​13th July 2016​ICT Contracts and Maintenance
232232 2016.pdf​13th July 2016 ​IG Training
233233 2016.pdf​13th July 2016

​Acute Hospital Questions

234234 2016.pdf​14th July 2016 ​CAMHS Service Manager
235235 2016.pdf​18th July 2016​Non - Medical Staff/Agency Spends
236236 2016.pdf​20th July 2016​Trust Vehicles
​237 ​No Request​No RequestNo Request​
238238 2016.pdf​22nd July 2016 ​Harassment and Bullying
239239 2016.pdf​22nd July 2016​Waiting Time
240240 2016.pdf​22nd July 2016​HR within NHS
241241 2016.pdf​22nd July 2016​Absence
242242 2016.pdf​22nd July 2016​Document Storage
243243 2016.pdf​22nd July 2016​Antibiotic Products
244244 2016.pdf​25th July 2016 ​Self-Harm and Suicidality
245245 2016.pdf​26th July 2016Recording Telephone Calls ​
246246 2016.pdf​27th July 2016 ​Organisation Chart for Learning Disabilities
247247 2016.pdf​28th July ​HR Within NHS
248248 2016.pdf​29th July 2016​HR Within NHS
249249 2016.pdf​29th July 2016Services Managed Within CCG/Trust​
250250 2016.pdf​1st August 2016Telephone Contracts​
251251 2016.pdf​4th August 2016​Autism Referral
252252 2016.pdf​4th August 2016​Junior Doctors
253253 2016.pdf​4th August 2016​Junior Doctors
254254 2016.pdf​5th August 2016​Reiki Therapy
255255 2016.pdf​6th August 2016​Nursing Staff
256256 2016.pdf​8th August 2016​Internal Plans and Strategies
257257 2016.pdf​8th August 2016​Acute Hospital Questions
258258 2016.pdf​17th July 2016​Financial Statements
​259 ​FOI Withdrawn ​9th August 2016​NRP
260260 2016.pdf​11th August 2016​Table Requests
261261 2016.pdf​12th August 2016​Personal Injury Claims
262262 2016.pdf​12th August 2016​Mental Health Deaths
263263 2016.pdf​12th August 2016​DOLS Organisation Chart
264264 2016.pdf​15th August 2016 ​Acute Hospital Questions
265265 2016.pdf​16th August 2016​Ransom ware
266266 2016.pdf​18th August 2016​Phone System
​267 ​No clarification received​18th August 2016​HoNOS Scores
268268 2016.pdf​18th August 2016​Electric Vehicle Charging
269269 2016.pdf​22nd August 2016​IT Network
270270 2016.pdf​22nd August 2016​Agency Spends
271271 2016.pdf​22nd August 2016​Post Traumatic Stress and Trauma Wait Times
272272 2016.pdf​22nd August 2016​Director Details
273273 2016.pdf​23rd August 2016​Agency Staff
274274 2016.pdf​24th August 2016​Junior Doctors
275275 2016.pdf6th September 2016​Street Triage and Crisis Team
​276​No clarification received​26th August 2016​Mental Health Provision at NSFT
277277 2016.pdf​30th August 2016​Eating Disorders Survey
278278 2016.pdf​1st September 2016​Health Sector Publications
279279 2016.pdf​2nd September 2016​Inpatient Numbers
280280 2016.pdf​2nd September 2016​HR/Training Information
281281 2016.pdf​4th September 2016​Acute Hospital Questions
282282 2016.pdf​5th September 2016​Electrical Materials
283283 2016.pdf​5th September 2016​Inpatient Numbers
284284 2016.pdf​6th September 2016​Security & Car Parking
285285 2016.pdf​6th September 2016​Psychological Therapies (PTSD)
286286 2016.pdf​7th September 2016​Patients Given Wrong Medication
287287 2016.pdf​8th September 2016 ​Organisational Structure Chart for Therapy Services
288288 2016.pdf​8th September 2016​Contact Details for Chief Clinical Officer & Trust Director of Informatics
289289 2016.pdf​8th September ​Junior Doctors Contracts
290290 2016.pdf​19th September 2016​Organisational Charts for Nursing Staff
291291 2016.pdf​12th September 2016​Organisational Structure Chart for all Social Care Middle Management
292292 2016.pdf​12th September 2016​ERP Systems
​293​No Clarification Received ​14th September 2016​Foreign Nationals Being Treated in NHS Hospitals
294294 2016.pdf​19th September 2016​Patient Beds
295295 2016.pdf​19th September 2016​Acupuncture Treatments
296296 2016.pdf​19th September 2016Patient Beds​
297297 2016.pdf​19th September 2016​Complaints Information
298298 2016.pdf​19th September 2016​Lanyards on Secure Service
299299 2016.pdf​20th September 2016 ​Organisational Charts for Psychiatry
300300 2016.pdf​20th September 2016​Direct Engagement Query
301301 2016.pdf​20th September 2016​Council Facilities Contract
302302 2016.pdf​20th September 2016​Public Health Funerals
303303 2016.pdf​23rd September 2016​Temporary Social Worker
304304 2016.pdf​23rd September 2016 ​STP
305305 2016.pdf​24th September 2016 ​Treatment of Immigrants/Asylum Seekers
306306 2016.pdf​22nd September 2016 ​Questions Relating to CCG's
307307 2016.pdf​28th September 2016​Rostering Software
308308 2016.pdf​29th September 2016​Acute Hospital Questions
309309 2016.pdf​29th September 2016​Financial Difficulties and Mental Health
310310 2016.pdf​3rd October 2016​Acute Hospital Questions
311311 2016.pdf​4th October 2016 ​Hospital Staffing
312312 2016.pdf​​4th October 2016 ​Under 16s on Mental Health Wards
313313 2016.pdf​5th October 2016​Referrals to Eating Disorders/Mental Health
314314 2016.pdf​7th October 2016​Fit and Proper Persons Test
315315 2016.pdf​7th October 2016​Rapid Tranquillisation
316316 2016.pdf​7th October 2016​Organisational Chart for Estates and Facilities
317317 2016.pdf​10th October 2016 ​CAMHS Admissions
318318 2016.pdf​11th October 2016Number of Deaths 2013, 2014 & 2015
319319 2016.pdf​11th October 2016​Inpatient Numbers
320320 2016.pdf​11th October 2016 ​Electronic Staffing Systems
321321 2016.pdf​12th October 2016​Cyber Security Services
322322 2016.pdf​12th October 2016​IT Security Systems
323323 2016.pdf​13th October 2016 ​Acute Hospital Questions
324324 2016.pdf​13th October 2016​Acute Hospital Questions
325325 2016.pdf​17th October 2016​QA Training and Procurement
326326 2016.pdf​18th October 2016​Agency Usage
327327 2016.pdf​18th October 2018​Eating Disorder Services
328328 2016.pdf​19th October 2016​Software Systems
329329 2016.pdf​20th October 2016​Inpatients
330330 2016.pdf​21st October 2016​Copier Paper
331331 2016.pdf​24th October 2016​Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
332332 2016.pdf​25th October 2016​ECT Delivery
333333 2016.pdf​25th October 2016​Suicides
​334 334 2016.pdf​21st November 2016​Anxiety and Depression
​335​No Clarification Received ​26th October 2016​Mental Health Funding
336336 2016.pdf​26th October 2016​Acute Hospital Questions
337337 2016.pdf​26th October 2016 ​Use of Force and RIDDOR Events
338338 2016.pdf​26th October 2016​Out of Area
339339 2016.pdf​27th October 2016​Shoft Patterns
340340 2016.pdf​28th October 2016​Medication Eoors
341341 2016.pdf​28th October 2016​Trust Board Compostion
342342 2016.pdf​27th October 2016​Clinical Services
343343 2016.pdf​1st November 2016​Waiting List Times and Targets
344344 2016.pdf​2nd November 2016​Organisation Charts
​345​No Clarification Received ​2nd November 2016​Mental Health Costs
346346 2016.pdf​2nd November 2016​Agency Staff Costs
347347 2016.pdf​3rd November 2016​Data Protection Breaches
348348 2016.pdf​4th November 2016​ADHD Services
349349 2016.pdf​3rd November 2016​Waste Management
350350 2016.pdf​4th November 2016​PFI Wedgewood Unit
351351 2016.pdf​7th November 2016​CBT Costs
352​No Clarification Received ​7th November 2016​Waiting Lists
353353 2016.pdf​7th November 2016​Mental Health Services in Prisons
​354 354 2016.pdf​21st November 2016​Financial Settlements
​355​No Clarification Received ​7th November 2016​Mental Health Spends
356356 2016.pdf​8th November 2016​Mail Services
357357 2016.pdf​8th November 2016​Compensation Claims
​358 358 2016.pdf​9th November 2016​Mental Health Act Assessments
359359 2016.pdf​9th November 2016​Car Parking
360360 2016.pdf​9th November 2016​Acute Hospital Questions
​361361 2016.pdf​7th November 2016​Waiting Times ADHD Services
362362 2016.pdf​10th November 2016​Work Related Stress
​363No Clarification Received ​13th November 2016​Friends and Family Test
​364364 2016.pdf​14th November 2016​Asbestos Tender
​365365 2016.pdf​14th November 2016​Lift Servicing
​366366 2016.pdf​14th November 2016​Managed Print Services
367367 2016.pdf​15th November 2016​ECT
​368368 2016.pdf​15th November 2016​Agenda For Change
369369 2016.pdf​15th November 2016​Pest Control
370370 2016.pdf​15th November 2016​Acute Hospital Questions
371371 2016.pdf​16th November 2016​Female Only Services
372372 2016.pdf​16th November 2016​HR Team
373373 2016.pdf​16th November 2016​ICT systems
374374 2016.pdf​16th November 2016​Restraint & Riddor
375375 2016.pdf​23rd November 2016​Additional Info 319
​376376 2016.pdf​24th November 2016​External Contractors
​377377 2016.pdf​28th November 2016Private Providers
​378378 2016.pdf​28th November 2016​Agency Spend
​379379 2016.pdf​28th November 2016​Prevent/Channel Programme
​380380 2016.pdf​29th November 2016​Forensic Inpatients
381​381 2016.pdf​29th November 2016​Cyber Security
​382382 2016.pdf​30th November 2016​Website Security
​383383 2016.pdf​30th November 2016​Clinical Services
​384384 2016.pdf​30th November 2016​Acute Hospital Questions
​385385 2016.pdf​2nd December 2016​Acute Hospital Questions
​386386 2016.pdf​5th December 2016Acute Hospital Questions​
​387387 2016.pdf​5th December 2016​Social Workers in Trust
​388388 2016.pdf​8th December 2016​Dyson Products
​389389 2016.pdf​9th December 2016​Cyber Security
​390390 2016.pdf​9th December 2016​Number of Mental Health Social Workers
​391391 2016.pdf​9th December 2016​Breaches
​392392 2016.pdf​12th December 2016​Civica Cito Portal
​393393 2016.pdf​14th December 2016​Payroll
​394Request Withdrawn ​14th December 2016​Compliance Team Statistics
​395395 2016.pdf​14th December 2016​Emails regarding NRLS & Unexpected Deaths
​396396 2016.pdf​14th December 2016​Serious Incidents & Unexpected Deaths
​397397 2016.pdf​15th December 2016​IG Contacts
398​398 2016.pdf​16th December 2016​ICT Services
​399399 2016.pdf​17th December 2016​CAMHS Service Waiting Times
​400400 2016.pdf​19th December 2016​Acute Hospital Questions
​401401 2016.pdf​19th December 2016Patient Transport Services​
​402401 2016.pdf​19th December 2016​Trust Vehicles
​403403 2016.pdf​20th December 2016​Nursing Staff
​404404 2016.pdf​21st December 2016​CAMHS Referrals
​405405 2016.pdf​21st December 2016​CAMHS Funding
​406406 2016.pdf​21st December 2016​Referrals
​407407 2016.pdf​21st December 2016​Money Spent on Management Consultants
​408 408 2016.pdf​22nd December 2016​Acute Hospital Questions
​409409 2016.pdf​22nd December 2016​LDR/STP Networks
​410410 2016.pdf​24th December 2016Consultants Overtime and Additional Payments​
​411411 2016.pdf​24th December 2016​ICT Contracts
​412412 2016.pdf​28th December 2016​Acute Hospital Questions
​413413 2016.pdf​29th December 2016​Eating Disorder Services